Pear Shaped SSBBW Crushes John & The Sofa

February 12, 2022 admin 0

I love the feel of a victim under me as I butt drop my super wide pear shaped body down on his chest. His groan as my super wide SSBBW ass drops on him. Feeling the air escape his lungs, knowing with my weight there is no way for him to breathe in and get more air. The power and control I have over him is such a  turn on.
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Pear Shaped SSBBW Bibi Cleans Up

February 11, 2022 admin 0

Super Pear Shaped SSBBW Bibi is helping out and cleaning up. Watch this beautiful, pear shaped SSBBW as she moves her huge body around the house.  See how much she struggles after just a few minutes of activity. Her breathing gets heavier until she is in a full on pant and needs to sit down and take a break. Don’t miss the housewife of your dreams!
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SSBBW Bobbi Jo Westley Masturbates

February 11, 2022 admin 0

After a long hard day I can’t help but touch my soft SSBBW body.  Showing off my pear shaped SSBBW body really turns me on. Watch as my hands roam over my big tits and my sexy SSBBW belly. Finally they reach my sweet spot and I can’t wait anymore for the pleasure I know is coming. 
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SSBBW LadyBrads Belly Fucking Compilation

February 11, 2022 admin 0

Come over today and enjoy this SSBBW belly fucking compilation. Watch me in the bed and in the tub as I play with my toys and fuck all my fat rolls. I fuck my huge belly button, under my big fat low hanging belly, under my fat rolls, and much much more in this new video.
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Ultra SSBBW MassivelySweet Stuffs Her Face

February 11, 2022 admin 0

 I love to eat and I can’t wait to stuff my greedy face with this McDonalds feast! Watch me fill my big soft SSBBW belly full. Listen to the noises I makes as I eat. Do you hear the moans of pleasure as I wrap my lips around the burger. Smacking and grunting I swallow the burger in no time. I make quick work of the fries and then chase it all down with a giant soda. Just so you can watch my huge belly expand from my big meal I pull my shirt up and let my massive belly hang out.
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SSBBW Sunshine Plays With Her Big Blubbery Belly

February 11, 2022 admin 0

My gluttony has done it, I’m at my highest weight and my big SSBBW belly is magnificently soft and blubbery. Watch me jiggle and plop my fat belly just for you. I play with my huge belly button wishing you were here to worship my big soft belly instead.
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BigmommaKat & Kimmy Make the Little Guy Panic

February 11, 2022 admin 0

This clip showcases some of the biggest women to ever throw their weight around in the squash arena. BigmommaKat and Kimmy Crush have had enough of their little Norwegian friend. He flew all the way across the world to experience this, claiming he’s capable. And yet, he panics far too quickly. As if their combined 1,200+ lbs is heavy! How dare he. Multiple times he can be heard screaming in terror in this clip anytime he finds himself buried under BigmommaKat’s ass. 
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