SSBBW Bobbi Jo’s Failed Trample & Sofa Sit

Bobbi Jo has been wanting forever to stand on someone. So far she’s been unable to make it happen. She struggles with stepping up… even onto a sidewalk. Look at the size of her legs! Think about how much each leg weighs. Strap that amount of weight to your own leg and try pulling it up onto a soft body. And add a bunch of weight to your upper body too to throw off your center of gravity. It’s a hurdle she hopes to clear soon. We have some ideas to make it easier next time. This woman even wants to try throat trampling! The mindset it there… the physical ability needs a boost.

After she fails at getting up onto Matt in this video, she tries to ottoman sit him. Unfortunately her heavy load kept moving the ottoman and at one point, once she positioned himself on him with stability… he almost blacked out due to pressure on his neck. 

They eventually settled on a very heavy sofa sit where Bobbi Jo smashed his head and chest real good. Of course she finished him off with some of her infamous butt drops.
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