Squashing Virgin Takes On SSBBW AMAZON Maria

In this new update you get to see me have the pleasure of taking on first time squashing victim Shaq.  

Up for anything, Shaq submits himself to me completely.  It’s so tempting to take advantage of his naive innocence and really let him have it full out.

I can imagine myself doing extreme butt drops, pounding my big heavy body into his chest until he begs for mercy. 

Maybe I should  bounce on his chest while my big fat hanging belly , cellulite jiggling plops down onto his face beating him mercilessly until he looks like he went 10 rounds with Tyson. 

In the end I do decide to go a bit easy on him until I can see what the man is made of. 

I  sit on his chest, bouncing and pounding his chest just a bit while plopping my huge heavy belly apron down onto his face. 

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