Queen Nora Hurts Matt on the Board

September 18, 2017 admin 0

Queen Nora is about as brutal as it gets. She’s heavy. She loves the power of her weight. And she seemingly doesn’t care for the wellbeing of who winds up under her.

In this video, she sits full weight on the hard board from multiple directions – forwards, backwards, and from the side. She finds creative ways to place her full weight on him. Then she starts in on dropping on him. Having over 600 lbs fall out of the sky onto you while you lay on the hard surface is terrifying. She mixes in a little facesitting and finalizes with some belly smother and drops.

Matt actually dislocated a rib at the end of this video.

BigMommaKat PearShaped SSBBW on Her Seat

September 16, 2017 admin 0

Since the chair was obviously too small to seat such a large jiggly fat ass comfortably John offered to be a cushion so the queen could sit comfortably. In this new update watch me try various positions until I find my comfy seat on John’s face. See all this and more of my big jiggling ass, eating, squashing, crushing, & face sitting at  Big Momma Kat – BigMommaKat at BBWSurf.com or Big Momma Kat – BigMommaKat at BBWSurf.com

3 More Full Weight Production Clips Added

September 16, 2017 admin 0

Imagine laying on the hard floor seeing 1,000 lbs of hauntingly luscious ass walking towards you… knowing full well their intentions are to push you to the brink with their immense weight. And these aren’t your run of the mill, gentle big women who are timid about throwing their weight around. These are the kind of women who splash their hundreds of pounds of beauty onto you as if your bones were made of reinforced steel.
BigmommaKat and Lolla Blaze really let Herman have it in this video. They take turns, they double sit, they face, throat, and chest sit. This is about as relentless as floor squashing gets.
What’s inside?: ssbbw squashing, bigmommakat, lolla blaze, floor squashing, full weight facesitting, bbw facesitting, ssbbw facesitting, bbw pileup

Juicy & Thick Put a Serious Hurting on Matt
This video starts with Thick doing her best to break Matt in half with her feet. She stands one him while Juicy holds his arms outreached over his head. As if that weren’t enough, once he complained enough, Juicy wanted to punish him on the board. She sits her 630 lb ass full weight on his body literally causing him to question whether or not he’d be okay.

Felicity Feasts on Matt (mp4)

Felicity usually pushes Matt to his limit. She has no qualms about high flying, hard surface butt drops, choking him with her ass, kneeling his neck, standing on his face, using him as a trampoline, and even standing and bouncing full weight on his throat. Today, though… she wanted calm. Which sounds wonderful for him. Except she wanted to add a few lbs to her fattening frame by scarfing down some pizza, a frozen coffee, and some chips.
In total, she was on him for nearly 20 minutes straight. He said his arms were tingling and his heart was beating weird from being under so much strain for so long. It was the longest he’s had to endure any load.
She was bouncy at times. And she ended by bouncing up and down right on his throat without any padding. But mostly she just sat on his chest, eating away, while she browsed on her phone.


Pear Shaped SSBBW BigBootyAsshley Slow Motion

September 16, 2017 admin 0

You like the way I work that back. When I shake my ass you don’t know how to act. I’ve got that slow motion for ya, slow motion for ya.  That’s right , by popular demand this weeks update is another slow motion video. Watch me jump on the bed and make it clap in slow motion. See this sexy new update and much much more at:  www.bigbootyasshely.com or www.bbwsurf.com/bigbootyasshley.com

Worlds Widest Hips? SSBBW Bobbi Measurements

September 9, 2017 admin 0

Having the widest hips in the world is a goal I’ve been working toward for so long.  In this newest video you get to see KimmyCrush help me measure my huge hips to see if I’m still the Ultimate Pear shaped SSBBW. Have I met that goal? Can I claim the title? Are my hips the widest in all the land? Join me now for this hip lovers fairy tale update!
Come over and join me at SSBBW Bobbi – SSBBW Bobbi at BBW Surf to see more of my ultimate pear shaped body with plenty of face sitting, jiggling, booty shaking, big booty, huge thigh fun!

Full Weight Production Clips Update, Nora and Felicity

September 9, 2017 admin 0

Queen Nora Tramples, Sits, and Drops
It’s very rare where you see full weight ssbbw trampling. Queen Nora shows you how it’s done. She wanted to bounce and even stand on his throat but it literally took all he had just to survive her standing still. At one point he said he almost simply because of the pressure on his heart.
Whenever he needs a break, she gives him her version. Which, of course, is her plopping her fat ass straight down onto his chest and throat.
This is about as brutal as it gets at FWP.
Felicity Crushes the Hell Out of Stuff
Felicity has power. Lots of it. While she’s the smallest woman in our lineup, she can do more with her 160 lb frame than most. Plus, her no mercy attitude is something that would cause the most seasoned seat to shake in his boots!
Lucky for him she decided to take a timeout from destroying him and turn her attention to some objects. In this video you’ll see her obliterate tomatoes, potatoes, papaya, an onion, an eggplant, and a cantaloup.
Afterwords she slaps on some heels and weighs herself. She sees that she has gained a few pounds and straight up demolishes the scale. I’ll be honest… I knew I was next and the sheer power of her body on top of heels scared the life out of me.
If you like crushing, you’ll want to check out Felicity’s first venture into it. You won’t be disappointed!

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BigBootyAsshley Pink Jiggle

September 9, 2017 admin 0

This sexy update includes a picture set of me in a very skimpy pink bra and thong set.  Looking like a dream come true as I drape myself across your sofa and try to make you forget whatever is on tv. My beautiful pear shaped body distracting your from your daily routine as you try to go about your day. I’m every pear shaped SSBBW lovers fantasy with my small waist and extra wide hips. This new update also includes a Video of me shaking and jiggling my beautiful body.  www.bigbootyasshely.com or www.bbwsurf.com/bigbootyasshley.com

KimmyCrush Bubble- licious SSBBW

September 9, 2017 admin 0

MMMM it can’t be denied that I love to have something sweet and juicy in my mouth and lucky for you oral fixation lovers I decided to film me and Mandalorieann chewing bubble gum and blowing big, huge, soft, sticky, bubbles. Watching me  shape the soft gum around my tongue and use my pretty soft lips to form the perfect bubble is so hot you won’t want to miss it!
Join at  Kimmy Crush – SSBBW Squasher Kimmy Crush at BBWSurf.com or Kimmy Crush – SSBBW Squasher Kimmy Crush at BBWSurf.com   This set and many more of me and my pear shaped SSBBW friends eating, weight gain, feederism, feeder/feedee, squashing, face sitting, butt drops, bouncing, and much more!

Christal Bed Bounce & Belly Play

September 9, 2017 admin 0

The beautiful amazon named Christal is back with us this week in a bouncing set that shows every bit of her huge hanging double belly being thrust up up and down by her big powerful thunder thighs. This SSBBW amazon is a sight to behold and one of the strongest women we’ve seen to date. We love watching her in squashing action but she’s just as fun when she’s bouncing on the bed and playing with her lusciously fat body.
Join us at www.bigfatchics.com for over 10 years worth of SSBBW face sitting, queening, female domination, squashing, butt drops, bouncing, eating, fat jiggling fun.

Mandalorieann Naughty SSBBW Pussy Play

September 9, 2017 admin 0

After a long day of hanging out with Kimmy and playing with my sexy fat SSBBW body I just couldn’t resist sneaking in a little play time.  Touching my big sensitive nipples and rubbing my hanging double belly while dreaming of getting bigger and bigger is such a turn on.  Join me in this update to see me play with my fat pussy. This sexy set plus many more are available at  SSBBW Mandalorieann – Just another BBWSurf.com site or SSBBW Mandalorieann – Just another BBWSurf.com site Join today for all the FAT, sexy, double belly, big boobs, stuffing, expansion, burping, farting, weight gain, face sitting, vore, kinky fun!!!

Over 150 Videos added to Full Weight Productions on BBWSurf

September 5, 2017 admin 0

Just Opened for your pleasure please welcome FWP

Authentic isn’t a word we take lightly. FWP prides itself as a leader in providing the most intense squashing on the ‘net. Call it what you will… squashing, trampling, chest sitting, belly sitting, throat sitting, smothering, etc. You name it… we have it.

All of our women go full force in an effort to push their victims to the very brink. We have models ranging from 160 lbs to 860 lbs.

Our mission is to continually push the envolope – to live in and progress the grey area between safe/easy and risky/extreme.

We provide two options for accessing our content. You can gain access to all of our content with a monthly membership option or you can pick and choose which clips you’d like to purchase directly.

Worlds Widest Hips Crush Victim – SSBBW Bobbi Facing Charges

September 2, 2017 admin 0

I sit under the bright light in the cold steel chair. I tell the detective that I tried to tell him it would hurt. I can’t imagine what he was thinking when he decided he wanted to be trapped between my ass and a mere cushion on the floor.   I face away from him so he can at least have a view worth dying for. I loom over him with my expansive wide hips hovering like a big soft cloud. My thighs so soft and creamy and covered in cellulite just waiting for the go ahead  to drop my big ass down on top of his face trapping him in the soft supple fat that will soon fill his mouth and nostrils as he tries to suck in his last breath. I feel him grunt and struggle beneath me just before he blacks out and goes limp.  Then suddenly I awake from my little day dream.
Come over and join me at SSBBW Bobbi – SSBBW Bobbi at BBW Surf to see more of my ultimate pear shaped body with plenty of face sitting, jiggling, booty shaking, big booty, huge thigh fun!

Big Belly Wobble & Jiggle with Pear Shaped SSBBW BiBi

September 2, 2017 admin 0

Our beautiful pear shaped SSBBW BiBi has such huge thighs with her legs being one fat roll on top of another that her tummy seems to be so small in comparison. In this newest update you see BiBi’s ample ass & tremendous thighs spread across the bed with her tummy laid upon her lap. It’s a good thing the bed is double reinforced and can take the heavy weight honey and the stress and strain all her jiggling puts on the frame under her.
Join us at www.bigfatchics.com for over 10 years worth of SSBBW face sitting, queening, female domination, squashing, butt drops, bouncing, eating, fat jiggling fun.

PearShaped SSBBW BigBootyAsshley On Top POV

September 2, 2017 admin 0

Have you ever wondered what it would look like to lie back after a long stressful week at work and have me lie my big creamy cellulite covered thunder thigh across your body as I slowly pull myself over on top of you. Your midsection disappearing between my legs as I strattle you with my big soft jiggly ass resting on your thighs. You stare up at me with desire throbbing through your veins as I place my hands on your chest for just a moment before I tease you by playing with my huge hanging tits ….. CUM on over and let me help you unload your work week stress with this HOT HOT HOT update and much much more at : www.bigbootyasshely.com or www.bbwsurf.com/bigbootyasshley.com