160 lb Felicity Flattens Matt to the Extreme

We all know Felicity doesn’t mess around and it’s no different in this clip. Felicity uses her new, high weight of 160 lbs to push Matt to his limits. There’s a ton of drops (some in slow mo), some feet in face while she sits on his belly, very hardcore throat sitting, and much more. You don’t want to miss this one.

BigmommaKat Facesits Pat on the Sofa

There are simply no words to explain the terror of totally giving full control to a 600 lb woman who’s hell bent on seeing how long you can take her full weight on your face. Deep down you realize that there’s no moving her if you need a break and she refuses to budge. Pat’s pushed to his limits a number of times in this video where BigmommaKat plants her luscious ass – forwards and reverse – on Pat’s little head.