BBW Panda Moo Taking Measurements

October 12, 2018 admin 0

My body feels like it’s growing fatter and fatter by the day. I love the feel of knowing that I’ll soon have outgrown another set of clothes and will have to go buy new clothes in a larger size. I love looking in the mirror to see my body changing. What part of me has grown the most? Is it my legs? Did all the weight go to my belly? Most of all I love seeing the numbers moving up, no matter if it’s on the scale or the tape measure. In this new set I measure my ever growing body to see where I’ve gotten the fattest. Come join me for this awesome new update and watch me gain weight and get super fat as I go!
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BBW Panda Moo’s First Broken Table

September 27, 2018 admin 0

Nothing makes you feel fat like breaking a table, bench, chair, bed , etc.  In her first balloon pop video BBW feedee Panda Moo did just that! Watch as this cute little fatty starts blowing up balloons to pop then crashes through the coffee table as her big ass hits it. Poor table didn’t stand a chance! I can’t wait to see what kind of damage she will do as she continues to gain weight.  Make sure you follow this chubby! Don’t miss out on her growing fatter and fatter.
BBW PandaMoo – BBW PandaMoo at BBWSurf  or BBW PandaMoo – BBW PandaMoo at BBWSurf