SSBBW Christal Bounces & Breaks the Bed

June 4, 2016 admin 0

FATTY broke the bed!  What happens when you have a ssbbw bouncing around on a hotel bed that’s already been put through a whole day of ssbbws face sitting, bouncing, squashing, wrestling, pillow fighting, and just generally wallering around on it like some piggies in a mud puddle?  It breaks.  Come see the poor bed take it’s last breath at
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SSBBW Sits on Chest & Bounces

May 23, 2016 admin 0

In this update Christal is sitting back on her seats head and bouncing. With his head between those big strong and meaty thighs it looks as if his head might pop off at any minute. Instead of saving his live these chest compressions just might end it but I think he would die happy. See this update and more at

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Pear Shaped SSBBW Christal – Bitch in Boots

May 16, 2016 admin 0

A pear shaped SSBBW  is a beautiful thing, especially when she has on red panties and black boots. A girl with a huge ass and thick powerful thighs is even sexier and looks more powerful when you put on the boots.  Something about a Bitch in Boots makes you want to obey every command and answer with a eager “Yes, Ma’am” when she gives her commands. Will you be obedient and come see this set  or will you be a bad boy and get punished? See this super sexy set plus much more at


SSBBW Kristal breaks 500lbs. Squashing and Face Sitting SSBW

December 15, 2015 admin 0  Christal is back and she’s bigger than ever!! (Litterally) The lovely Christal has crossed the 500lb mark and you can definitely see it in the way she moves. At 6ft she just may be the newest thing on the AMAZON  scene!!! See this update and many more at :
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SSBBW Christal facesitting, SSBBW Squashing, SSBBW Riding face

March 7, 2015 admin 0  This week Christal joins us with a new face sitting set. We just love to see her big ass bent over  giving her friend no air.  You can barely see his head under her ass and between her big fluffy cloud like thighs. Now iOS  &  Android compatible so you can enjoy your favorite big fat chics wherever you go!!